Christian Leadership Network

Our desire is to hear from God and

* To seek the face of the Lord for our nation and it's people

* To walk out and live in the divine purposes of God for South Africa

* To be a voice echoing the original sound of heaven here in our beloved country as it is in heaven

* To pray and fast for our nation

* To preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to those we are sent to

* To lead by example, linking arms with like-minded people and finally

* To influence our world through the love of Jesus...

For the large part, we as the Church have allowed ourselves to be divided and operate or function individually from one another. Yet, God's plan was always that the Body of Christ would function as a Body, just as He intended. Today we encourage you to look to the Father's heart and ask Holy Spirit how you too can play a prominent role in echoing His heartbeat in our nation.

Our declaration is simple. Jesus Christ is Lord of South Africa!

If you feel  that you would like to become part of the Christian Leadership Network, kindly go to our contact page, complete the form and in the message section, write the word "Network" and we will be in contact with you.

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